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Whether it’s creating bespoke off-roaders, reimagining the styling of an existing automotive icon or carrying out a comprehensive interior makeover ARES DESIGN’s skilled technicians and craftspeople can carry out bespoke modifications to bring concepts to stunning reality.

Ares Design for Bentley Mulsanne Coupé - Ares Design 9

There are no limits to ARES’s bespoke upgrades whether it be reworking a four-door saloon to a two-door coupe with unique body modifications or carrying out performance upgrades. Bespoke interiors are an ARES tradition thanks to its inhouse electronics and leather working experts.

X-Raid GT3 Targa - Ares Design 10

Utilising its skills in every facet of automotive design ARES can customise customer cars in every possible way. From carbon fibre and aluminium body modifications to comprehensive engine enhancements and bespoke interior solutions ARES has unparalleled expertise in every area of automotive customisation.

Land Rover Defender Grey - Studio Front - Ares Design
Ares Design for Bentley Mulsanne Coupé - Ares Design 9

Ares Design Coupé for Bentley Mulsanne

In the finest tradition of handcrafted bespoke coach-building ARES DESIGN has crafted this stunning two-door ARES DESIGN Coupé for Bentley Mulsanne, based on Bentley’s four-door saloon.

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[titel]Mercedes-Benz V-Class - Front - Ares Design

Ares Design for Mercedes-Benz V-Class

If client mobility in discreet luxury is a top priority then ARES DESIGN’s customised Mercedes-Benz V-Class has the perfect blend of abilities.

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Land Rover Defender Snow - Ares Design

Ares Design for Land Rover Defender

The ARES DESIGN for Land Rover Defender is an extreme expression of the 4×4, offering power, poise, luxury and panache in one stunning package.

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Ares Design for Porsche GT3 Targa - Ares Design 11


The brief for ARES DESIGN was to effectively manufacture a GT3 RS Targa, offering both the looks and the performance of the GT3.

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X-Raid black front summer - Ares Design 52


ARES DESIGN has used the G63 as the basis for its stunning reimagining of the luxury off-roader, the ARES “X-RAID” for Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG.

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