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In a world that’s seemingly awash with huge 4x4s there’s one example that’s stood the test of time better than most, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. It’s an indomitable machine equally at home on- or off-road and in its G63 form it’s a pretty devastating performer. While the standard vehicle is impressive, ARES DESIGN has used the G63 as the basis for its stunning reimagining of the luxury off-roader, the ARES “X-RAID” for Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG.

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The ARES “X-RAID” for Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG combines the undoubtable excellence of the G63 and its venerable twin-turbo 5.5-litre V8 with a unique take on the G-Class’s styling along with a luxurious complete revamp of the 4×4’s interior. With its stunning new lightweight suit and the performance and luxury to match, ARES DESIGN’s X-Raid brings the Mercedes G-Class thoroughly up to date with a level of style and sophistication that showcases the Modena-based company’s skill set to the full.

There is no doubt that the ARES “X-RAID” for Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is a big and powerful car that’s not for everyone. It has an impressive, almost aggressive, stance on the road and wherever it’s seen, it becomes the talk of the town. The added power and the exquisite interior adds to the ARES DESIGN experience.

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Externally the boxy design of the original G-Class has been extensively restyled for the 21st century with sweeping changes to its design. Through CAD modelling ARES DESIGN’s designers and technicians have thoroughly remodelled the original design and the X-Raid has an entirely new body constructed from carbon fibre and aluminium, trimming 200kg from the original car’s kerb weight.



All body parts has been manufactured in high quality carbon fibre.



Original steel frame with side and cross members.

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No ARES DESIGN’s transformation would be complete without a thorough re-imagining of the interior by ARES’s skilled craftspeople and the ARES “X-RAID” for Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG’s cockpit has been swathed in the finest Nappa leather while the rear bench has been replaced with a pair of individual VIP seats. The steering wheel is a bespoke ARES- designed item while the dash architecture itself has been remodelled to better integrate the infotainment screen to give the cockpit a significantly more cohesive look.

X-Raid Interior - Ares Design 53
  • Fully customised based on customer’s design request
  • Handcrafted artisan interior panels in carbon fibre and leather
  • Custom made Nappa leather and Alcantara interior and upholstery with inserts


  • Instrument cluster with colour TFT screen
  • Multimedia system with high definition 17.8 cm colour display screen
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Engine type: V8 twin-turbo
Displacement [cc]: 5461
Power [hp]: 720-830
Torque [Nm]: > 930

Transmission: Seven-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel drive with three lockable differentials, portal axles.
Suspension: KW DDC suspension with three electronically adjustable modes.
Brakes: Movit six-piston callipers
Wheels: 22-inch
Tyres: 325/55 R22
Maximum speed [km/h]: 210

X-Raid Performance - Ares Design

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