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DB Blog: Dubai Motor Show and Concourse

While the ARES DESIGN factory in Modena is progressing well, we’ve still got plenty going on at other locations around the world, especially in the Middle East.

While the ARES DESIGN factory in Modena is progressing well, we’ve still got plenty going on at other locations around the world, especially in the Middle East. Dubai is a real hub for automotive enthusiasts, and now the interest in classic cars almost matches the country’s passion for supercars.

Car Culture in Dubai

Dubai is a place where supercars abound. For both the local ‘emiratis’ and ex-pats, collecting supercars is a hobby – and one that they can afford too!

I live in Dubai, and it is car heaven; there is exotica everywhere you look. Everyone is competing with each other, trying to own the fastest, most exclusive supercar – or the glitziest and most ostentatious. While many of the cars aren’t to everyone’s taste, they can certainly give me some inspiration!

Even the police force has a ridiculous fleet, which includes a Bugatti Veyron (the world’s fastest police car), an Aston Martin One-77, 12Cs, BMW i8s and a Lamborghini Aventador. If you’re going to get pulled over, you might as well get pulled over in style!


We opened our second ARES DESIGN studio in Dubai in March 2016. Situated in the Curve Building on Sheikh Zayed Road and perfectly nestled amongst many of the region’s top automotive brands and designers, the flagship studio spans over 12,000 square metres.

For the business having our flagship studio in Dubai makes total sense. With wealthy owners having an ever increasing need to stand out from the crowd, bespoke cars have always been a massive part of the car scene in Dubai. It’s an automotive haven for our growing clientele there, allowing them to experience the bespoke ARES DESIGN treatment first hand. Both local and ex-pats are taking advantage, and needless to say we are always pretty busy!

Growing Appreciation for Classics

This trend in Middle East customers bespoking their supercars and hyper-luxurious cars to match their personal tastes manifests itself at the Gulf Concourse, which had its inaugural event last year. Uniquely, this exclusive, invitation only event, which is held at the iconic Burj Khalifa, judges the best modern bespoke cars in the region, with last year’s entrants including the McLaren 630 Can-Am and the impressive Likan Hypersport, which features diamond-encrusted LED lights.

The Concourse also had a competition for the best classics. Last year’s winner was a 1965 Ferrari 250GT Berlinetta Sport Special, and for classic cars are certainly gaining in popularity in the Middle East. The Dubai Motor Show also reflects this trend, with companies such as Brabus Middle East displaying – and selling – a freshly restored Mercedes-Benz Pullman and 300 SL, alongside luxury Maybach models and the limited edition Brabus 900 ‘One of 10’ limited edition.

I wouldn’t be surprised if our ARES DESIGN studio begins to start working on classic cars alongside the supercars and hypercars. Maybe we’ll even get asked to add a classic body to modern underpinnings, which is something we’ve already started doing for European and American customers. As far as the cars in Dubai goes, that would be pretty unique!

Dany Bahar – November 2017

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