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For its Porsche 964 Targa the design brief for ARES DESIGN was to reimagine what a modern-era incarnation of the classic model would be like. It needed to retain the iconic looks of the original yet pack modern levels of performance and practicality in a thrilling package. The thoroughly re-engineered 964 now has the engine, gearbox and chassis from a contemporary Porsche 997 and even items such as the Porsche Active Suspension Management system and the 997’s stability control have been included. In short, it’s a stunning contemporary reinterpretation of the 964 Targa.

Porsche 964 - Ares Design

To effect the transformation the 964 was stripped to its bare shell and repairs were made where necessary. Externally the ARES DESIGN for Porsche 964 Targa might look like the classic model but in order to install the engine, chassis and suspension from the significantly wider 997 the front and rear wings and bumpers from a 964 Turbo model were fitted. Modifications were made to the shell and chassis in order that the engine and seven-speed PDK transmission could be installed. The engine’s capacity was enlarged to 3996cc and with bespoke parts it now develops 470hp.

Porsche 964 - Ares Design 18

With the body and drivetrain now thoroughly up to date attention was turned to the 964’s interior. The 997’s instruments were installed in a bespoke housing while the 997 also donated its air conditioning system too. Infotainment is taken care of with the navigation system and hi-fi from a 2018 Porsche Panamera while the entire electrical system was replaced with 997 components to ensure turnkey reliability. Last, but not least, is a comprehensive retrim of the interior with bespoke ARES DESIGN touches. The final result is the finest reimagined Porsche 964 on the planet.

Porsche 964 Interior Cockpit - Ares Design

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