In the early days, particularly in the late 1920s in Britain, riders enjoyed racing from check point to check point across the countryside. Rules were few and far between but the general aim of the game was to get from one place to another in the fastest time, over whatever obstacle and terrain happened to be in the rider’s way. Fields, hedges, hills, streams, woodland, and a lot of rain – those primary ingredients of the British countryside, and since the motorcycles of the day weren’t particularly adept at churning up dirt and thrashing across unpaved roads, conventional road-focused motorcycles needed to be specially adapted to their new purpose. Thus the earliest scrambler bikes were born.

ARES DESIGN FOR BMW R NineT - Ares Design 1

The appetite for retro styling isn’t exclusively the preserve of those with a passion for four-wheeled machinery – those who favour the rawer experience of riding a motorbike have also been bitten by the nostalgia bug and as a result ARES DESIGN has applied its engineering know-how to a BMW motorcycle. Many of ARES DESIGN ’s customers will have a bike in the garage and with the current fashion for retro-styled machinery ARES DESIGN presents a BMW scrambler.

ARES DESIGN FOR BMW R NineT - Ares Design 5



Use of high quality carbon fibre for the following accessories:

  • Tank
  • Headlight
  • License plate holder

Aluminium accessories machined from solid

  • Valve covers
  • Handlbar riser
  • Gear shift lever and rear brake lever
ARES DESIGN FOR BMW R NineT - Ares Design 4

Accessories in black anodised aluminium:

  • Handlebar grips
  • Rear-view mirrors


  • Chrome handlebar and footrest
  • Front and rear fender in painted aluminium
  • Single-seat saddle entirely in high quality leather
ARES DESIGN FOR BMW R NineT - Ares Design 2


Base bike model year: 2017
Engine type: Two-cylinder boxer
Displacement [cc]: 1170
Power [hp]: >110
Torque [Nm]: >119
Transmission: Six-speed
Suspension: Front upside-down telescopic fork, rear Ohlins adjustable double suspension
Brake: Beringer six-piston calliper
Rims: Kineo, front 19-inch, rear 18-inch
Tyres: Continental TCK 80
Maximum speed [km/h]: > 200

ARES DESIGN FOR BMW R NineT - Ares Design 8

Technical improvements

  • Sport cats and downpipes with two musslers
  • sport air intake
  • Electronic control unit
  • New lithium lightened battery
  • New oversized braking system with ABS technology
  • Continental TCK 80 well-tried multi-use tyre for both street and dirt with specific heavy duty rims from Kineo
ARES DESIGN FOR BMW R NineT - Ares Design 17

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