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Our War on Mediocrity

ARES DESIGN is on a mission to develop and apply advanced technologies to offer the highest level of individualisation and transformation in the luxury mobility segment. Facing fundamental changes in the automotive world with a strong and growing desire for individual solutions, flexibility and tailor-made personalisation ARES DESIGN presents a wide range of products and services.

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Whether resurrecting iconic supercars, reimagining classic models from the past with bespoke conversions or offering modern day coach-building techniques to transform customer vehicles ARES DESIGN creates the finest bespoke luxury cars available today.

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X-Raid - Ares Design 11


Unique, personalised, handcrafted high performance icons that are tailored to perfection is ARES DESIGN’s aim whether creating the world’s most stunning automobiles, performing modifications on the finest motorbikes or reimagining exquisite boats.

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With a state-of-the-art production facility at its Modena headquarters ARES DESIGN specialises in bringing dreams to reality through skilled engineering and craftsmanship. The creation of the ultimate in bespoke luxury automotive designs is facilitated by cutting edge production facilities.

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